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The Original World Kindness Cards Available Here!


Ready to start a journey of Kindness and launch your own World Kindness Card to collect Miles and Smiles?

Want to acknowledge an Act Of Kindness from a Stranger, Friend, Family Member or Work Colleague..Yes?

Want to Track your Card’s Journey & See Where that Act of Kindness leads?

Great then you are at the right place! Acknowledging an Act of kindness can be as powerful as the act of kindness itself because it will be unexpected.

True Kindness is Selfless.
Start the journey by registering your World Kindness Card here before passing it on to someone deserving. Our World Kindness Cards keep a diary of its journey as it collects miles and smiles when passed on from one deserving person to another tracking its journey on Google Maps. Register the card, then hold onto it but don’t keep it. At an appropriate time when you witness an act of kindness, acknowledge someone deserving and pass it on, entering their story of kindness online using the cards unique number. Make sure you explain to the deserving recipient that they will see their good deed online that night and ask them to do the same.
The World Kindness Card is an initiative of World Kindness Australia which we now share with our globalal partners. (RRP $5.00ea Special wholesale rates for orders over 1000 and for charities and schools) .

As Fundraising “Tools of Engagement” the Cards have been designed as a “Platform for Collaboration” to eliminate the need for charities to outsource their goodwill to the private sector. 100% of money raised goes to support goodwill . The wholesale price paid by a company supports the campaign for a kinder world and when gifted to a charity by  the company or City, they are co-branded to be retailed at a zero cost to the charity or school. The cards create perpetual advertising, raising public awareness  to all parties engaged with the launch of the card as the stories are shared  both online and passed on from one person to another.
What Is The Catch?
For a company to have their logo on the
card it must be an official member to
World Kindness Australia and have pledged to undertake the Kindness Performance Indicators.


First conceived in 2010 and officially launched at the University of Sydney Kindness In Sports Scholarship dinner in Sydney Australia by the official Secretariat of the peak global body, The World Kindness Movement in 2012 the cards have funded the global campaign for a kinder world for 5 years capturing kindness around the globe. They are designed as a “Tool of Engagement” to spread the good news and support collaboration between all sectors.  Cities, Businesses, Schools and Charities have used the cards over the years and are available here. World Kindness Australia is the official peak national kindness body and is proud to be launching the cards at a time when the world struggles to be the best it can be.  The cards can be co-branded for Schools, Charities, Cities and Businesses for launching your own Kindness initiative.  

The cards challenge outdated models of fundraising removing the middleman seeing 100% go to Goodwill. More importantly the Cards capture acts of kindness witnessed in the community and stay in touch with you even after they have been passed on. Whether it’s 5 years from now; or 5000 kms from its point of origin, every time a new story is registered it will send you and every previous recipient, a link to Google Maps showing you exactly where it is, how many miles its traveled and the act of kindness its captured. Orders for 1000 cards or more can have the artwork changed to suit with a pre registered message enterd on your behalf on every card to include a message from CEO and the company’s dedicated Kindness landing page on their website. The perfect “Tool of Engagement” for an event to launch kindness in your community, workplace or school.

Corporate Engagement
If you are a retailer or cafe you may like to become an official “Kindness Point of Collection” for the World Kindness Cards and or make virtual Gift Certificates available which can be loaded onto the card and redeemed at your store. Drive traffic to your store. Cards be to acknowledge a particular individual’s act of kindness and or be at random seeing the cards used in place of raffle tickets by loading a prize on to the card and redeemed at the store when you present the card. The cards support Corporate Social Responsibility programs and be gifted to a charity or a school of choice for them to onsell to their members, supporters and general public, extending the community engagement both online and face to face. Built with multilayered functionality these cards suit a variety of purposes as perpetual Human Resource and Marketing “Tools of Engagement” serving a greater purpose, active on both the physical and virtual realms, able to share stories on social media which can go viral. If you think this is something your organisation would like to do for a special event, join the global campaign for a kinder world and become an official Corporate Member to World Kindness Australia and undertake the KPIs – Kindness Performance Indicators to qualify . See Membership

We have cards that have been around the globe 4 times, presented to heads of state and to students. Stories that inspire, stories, that give a warm feeling inside and stories that just make you laugh out loud or bring a tear to your eye. We would love to see you contribute to the good news and share the kindness you witness everyday and acknowledging the good in someone’s actions with a simple card can be life changing.

There are too many stories to mention, however a compilation of these stories are being selected to create a short film and our hope is this will be launched at a kindness short film festival in 2018.

See Membership.