Why Should I Join WKA?

To work with likeminded individuals, groups and organisations locally and across the globe, creating a critical mass to effect positive cultural change in the community towards developing a kinder society.

What Does WKA Do?

WKA seeks out to support, develop and promote kindness initiatives and campaigns in the community by individuals, schools, organisations and NFP groups. WKA supports kindness to challenge Bullying by increasing the “Care Factor” over the “fear factor”, thereby removing bystander behaviour enabling individuals to discover the “Courage of Kindness.” WKA is an official Member of the World Kindness Movement and plays an active role in developing global initiatives.

How do schools get involved?

A school can simply become a WKM member by registering online (free for schools)– then Nominate and register an initiative with WKA online, which engages the whole school. Celebrate World Kindness Week, appoint a Goodwill Ambassador and or student ambassadors to network drive and promote the campaign within the school and community. Ideas or lesson plans can be provided from many of our contributors including our fellow global partners and World Kindness Movement members.

What is The Cool To Be Kind Award?

An award acknowledging and recognising individuals and groups engaged in kindness initiatives at local, state and national levels, signed by the Chairman of the World Kindness movement and presented at the World Kindness Dinner.

What is a Kindness Index?

A kindness survey is completed to establish at the beginning of a campaign the “Perceived Level of Kindness” within an Organisation and then conducted post the events to measure the outcomes of initiatives undertaken and its impact on the culture within a school, a community or an organisation.

What is a Goodwill Ambassador Network?

An appointed volunteer representative from the school or organisation, OH&S committee who chooses to register with WKA will network and drive the kindness campaign within their school, organisation or community. They will attend events and network with other ambassadors from time to time to share ideas and strategies. They ensure kindness is kept on the agenda and celebrated during World kindness Week seeking out individuals for recognition for a Cool To Be Kind Award.

What is in a Kindness Kit?

Tools for teachers, HR Managers and Ambassadors, Modules, Manuals on starting a campaign, brochures and merchandise including a event manual for a successful campaign.

When and Where Do Ambassadors Meet?

Ambassadors meet monthly or Bi monthly (depending on what’s planned for World Kindness Week) to share ideas and network in the lead up to world kindness week. The venue can rotate subject to the wishes of that ambassadors particular group.

How many hours do I need to contribute?

Its voluntary so it’s up to the individual – the idea is to engage as many other interested parties to assist and share in the spirit of goodwill that kindness events bring to a community. When everyone does a little bit, it’s amazing how much can be achieved.

How Does Kindness Challenge Bullying?

”It’s Cool to be Kind”. One of the key elements to Bullying is “Bystander Behaviour” By addressing the fear that creates bystander behaviour, you challenge the status quo, which requires courage, the courage to be kind and relinquish the safety of silence. A word of caution, “its not easy” in a particularily toxic culture where bullying prevails, changing the status quo can see yourself becoming targeted by those who do not want change. Promoting Kindness is always a preferred option to direct confrontation. Addressing the issues not the individuals will see a better outcome for all.

What is WKA’s key Message?

“It Takes A Village To Raise A Child” and by Keeping Kindness on The Agenda in all aspects of the Community from the classroom to the staffroom, boardroom and corridors of government, we will bring about positive change creating Bully Free Environments as “Bystander Behaviour” becomes unpopular and we rediscover and strengthen our care factor.

How Does WKA Utilise its Funds?

  1. WKA will be supporting National and International Kindness Events, Conferences, Forums engaging the Youth and Community, Raising Public Awareness to eliminate Bystander Behaviour.
  2. We will be providing assistance to Individuals, Students and Organisations to develop and support their own Kindness local community initiatives and campaigns.
  3. The “Cool To Be Kind Awards”, acknowledge individuals for their achievements affording students an opportunity to attend the international World Kindness General Assembly.
  4. We will be developing and delivering programs such as the “Goodwill Ambassador Program” & the “National Kindness Index” within the community and the workplace.
  5. We are ensuring Australia is able to maintain a National presence and thereby effectively participate in Global Kindness Initiatives.
  6. We are able to create a platform through our membership to have a voice to our governments to keep kindness on the agenda for a kinder society.
  7. We will assist in developing the World Kindness Youth Movement and supporting the first World Kindness Youth Movement Conference.