The WKA Community

World Kindness Australia has a Community of different groups of people.


Members are Individuals or organisations (‘Corporates’) who have shown their commitment to World Kindness Australia by becoming an approved Member. They intend to be active for the global kindness campaign, particularly in the leadup to the annual World Kindness Week in November.

We have Business, Education, Government and Not-For-Profit Members. Learn more about Membership Types.

See who are current Corporate Members.


Sponsors are Organisations who fund a particular event or activity that World Kindness Australia runs. See who has sponsored WKA events.


Supporters are Individuals or Agencies who endorse and promote the work and intent of World Kindness Australia. They are often high profile people who have political or social influence in Australia.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassadors are a special group of individuals who use their talent and connections to promote and do The Practice of Kindness in their particular community or organisation. They devise their own way to make a difference and involve others. We value them as leaders of local goodwill initiatives.  Learn more about Goodwill Ambassador Programme.


Volunteers are individuals or organisations with talent and time who wish to invest in the organisation of World Kindness Australia so we can better serve our Community. If interested to give your assistance, tell us more about yourself and what you could offer.


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