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There is no doubt the world is in a constant state of crisis, whether its natural disasters or manmade atrocities.   In times of need the call goes out to many but only ever answered by the few.  It’s a lot to contend with and sustaining a long term commitment in the face of adversity, abandonment or failure is a rare quality and we take this opportunity to applaud those many who are not daunted but inspired by the challenges we face.
Some of us are shocked into action, whilst others think there is little they can do and become desensitised, and some of us, when reminded, make the effort to donate to a good cause or sign a petition. World Kindness reminds us there is hope, a hope we pass on to our children encouraging trust rather than fear and resilience in the knowledge they are not alone and we care.
The Kindness Movement is a worldwide initiative with 20 member nations and here in Australia, “The lucky Country” we work to making a difference.  We encourage kind gestures, a hello, a warm smile, opening a door or inviting someone new into your group. The good news is, that it’s free and it can start the moment you log off this website. Let’s rediscover our “Care Factor” and our “Will to Give”. We need to get back to our basics and understand that we are intrinsically connected to others and realise that we are part of a human community. Giving and receiving kindness are vital to our health, harmony, and hope. Our children deserve to learn and experience this life skill of kindness, so when they are faced with a situation requiring compassion or action, they will not deliberate or hesitate, they will instinctively get involved.

K i n d n e s s
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