The Chronicles of Captain Kindness

Captain Kindness & Miss Courtesy
                                                                                  His Mission

Captain Kindness fights evil, teaches lessons in Kindness,  Enlists Kindness Commandos to Commit random acts of Kindness, demonstrates  hospitality rather than hostility, gratitude rather than attitude,  inclusion rather than exclusion, respect rather than Intolerance. .  Always there to help the helpless

Special Powers,

·        Super Cool because he is Super Kind

·        Has a Super Smile

·        Is a Master in the Ancient Martial Art, “ Tai Kind Do”

·        Can Appear Anywhere at Anytime

·        Has a Super Care Factor allows him to see people’s fears.

·        Gives Super Hugs that can heal and make people feel better

·        Super sight and hearing ,can hear and see trouble from a miles away

·        Can Find kindness in anyone

·        Has his Cape of Kindness with special powers

·        Has a side kick “Miss Courtesy”  always gracious, hospitable, & inclusive

·        Lies, insults, sticks and stones, bad names, can never harm him

Captain Kindness: Needs to complete one random act of kindness per day loses his powers.

Miss Courtesy: Needs to give a Smile and Hello to a person in need or loses her powers of persuasion and ability telepathy with animals.  

The Captain’s Nemesis ; Dr Von Bullie (Clever but Mean) and Cantesa De Malevolenta (Beautiful but Nasty) are always out to foil the Captain’s good deeds, through their plotting and scheming and gossip.

The Captain’s Alter- Ego; Patrick Malone Occupation: Relief School Teacher.

Miss Courtesy’s Alter-Ego Courtney  Lee Occupation: Veterinarian  

Background Many years ago when Captain Kindness was an infant, he was left on the steps of an orphanage. He was given the name Patrick Malone by his carers, he never knew who his parents were or where he came from. He had no one except his best friend, in the orphanage, Craig Spent, they were like brothers.

One day Craig was bullied so badly by a gang from his nearby school, he ran away, into the mountains. Concerned for his best friend, little Patrick left the orphanage late that evening to go in search of Craig.

The journey was dangerous for any man, let alone a boy of 10yrs of age and especially at night. Patrick had heard people tell stories of the strange happenings in the old abandoned temple, high in the mountains. Undaunted he did not hesitate, ignoring the warning & keep out signs, he climbed over the fence at the foot of the mountain.

Along the path Patrick came across an old, blind Asian man who had been beaten, robbed and left for dead. Patrick did not take much with him but gave the old man the little food and water he had. He then helped the old man to his cottage and Patrick continued his journey.

Some hours later, just before dawn, Patrick was approaching the mountain’s summit. There had been no response to his call out to Craig but instead he heard a howls of a pack of wild dogs. The howls were getting closer and in fear of the dogs he entered the old temple and to his surprise he found the Old blind Asian man, meditating but floating above the floor.

The Blind man, grateful for the boys kindness, told him the history of the temple and he was a mystic and the last master of “Tai Kind Do” and that a great darkness was coming and Patrick was the “chosen one” and had passed the test. Unfortunately his friend, Craig through his anger and pain, had closed his heart and unable to forgive, was lured by dark forces to a cave on the other side of the mountain. Unknown to Patrick, Craig was to become his arch enemy Dr Von Bullie.

Years of training passed and Captain Kindness emerged as our one only and best hope to lead the Kindness revolution against a world gripped in fear.
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