Our goal is to create kindness initiatives leading up to the World Kindness Week maintaining enthusiasm and passion which will allow all of us to rediscover “Our Will to Give,” long after the week has passed.
Respecting our differences rather than demonstrating intolerance, inclusion rather than exclusion, hospitality rather than hostility and gratitude rather than attitude will not just be desired in our schools, it will become essential.

“Kindness” will be contagious. It will become the latest pandemic gripping our schools and communities, creating harmonious environments with a “Care Factor”.

Each year World Kindness Week will launch the possibility of positive change. When we forget, it will be our children who will gently remind us to stay the course. Eliminating the fear that brings about judgement, remove the stigmas based on labels or post codes and celebrate the legacy we wish our children to ultimately inherit.

Our success is measured by the difference make to the spirit of a community, a school, home, family and of course a child. Through our best endeavours we lead by example. “Kindness” does not discriminate, it is not political and it has no negative agenda. It is something that should ignite a spark in us all, to remind us we can always do and be better. Those dedicated few working tirelessly to make a difference, will not be daunted by the challenges ahead they will inspire others.

We urge you to consider your personal role in this campaign, and become a Goodwill Ambassador for Kindness. View Ambassador’s Code of Conduct.