At what point do we accept the status quo of bullying in schools? Whether it is subtle exclusion, taunts or violence it got to the point that our children were being harmed and what was worse it was becoming a regular feature on the nightly news.

There is no greater motivation than that of a parent protecting their child. It is our children which are under threat and it was the parents who answered the call.  In June 2009, recognising the problem was bigger than one school or a community, a father from a NSW Primary School, attended the annual conference of the peak body of Parents & Citizen’s Associations and raised his concerns.

The Federation of Parent & Citizens Associations NSW agreed and the members were united in a call to action. The decision was made to support an ongoing Kindness campaign.

The Federation then tabled the idea at a meeting with the Minister of Education & Training, where World Kindness Week was further endorsed and to be included in the DET school calendar for 2230 schools.

World Kindness Week 2009 in Sydney celebrations culminated on the 13th of November and celebrated by over 3000 people in Double Bay. In 2010 we saw P&C Regional Goodwill Ambassadors networking and driving the campaign to our schools, partnering with the Department of Education & Training NSW with  multiple festivals and activities across the state, including the BIG HUG on Bondi Beach and it continues to gain a groundswell of support from all sectors of the community.  Within the first 12 months the Secretariat  of World Kindness Movement brought an international delegation from 15 nations to Sydney for the 6th General Assembly to strategise global initiatives. In addition the Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW has official supported the campaign along with Local Councils, community groups, teachers parents, students and the Minister and Director General of Education and Training. 2011 promises to be even bigger with Australia being offered the responsibility of the role of Secretariat in recognition of our first year's achievements

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