Michael Lloyd-White
Founder – (Chairman 2011-2018. Now Chief Advisor to the Board )
Michael is an agent for positive change with an extensive background in strategic planning, having consulted on staffing strategies for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Since 2011 Michael is the founder and has been the Chair of the peak national body, World Kindness Australia. In 2012 at the London 7th General Assembly, became the first elected Secretary General to the prestigious peak international body, The World Kindness Movement, representing 28 nations. In this capacity , Michael secured former non-member nations’ participation in the global campaign for a kinder world delivering the Australian Prime Minister’s Message at the launch of World Kindness China in Hong Kong in 2013. Following chairing the 8th International Council Meeting in Paris, he met with the Minister of Prime Minister of Thailand to discuss hosting the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit in Bangkok. In 2017 he delivered the current Australian Prime Minister’s Message of Support in Seoul, & chaired the  9th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement for the 20th Anniversary where he successfully presented Australia’s City of Gold Coast bid to receive an international endorsement as a “World Kindness City.” Michael was presented with the President’s International Achievement Award to recognise his accomplishments on behalf of the movement during his 5 year term. He received  the prestigious 2018 “Most Inspiring Man of the Year Award” ( Former recipients include the Deputy Prime Minister & Minsiter for Foriegn Affairs & Trade). Since stepping down as  Secretary General in Sept 2017, Michael accepted the challenge to be the  Chief Advisor to the Board for World Kindness USA and CEO where he had engaged 200 US schools, numerous NFPs, including Variety International and US cities on the east and west coast in the campaign. This was all accomplished prior to their launch scheduled for on 27 July 2018. As a TEDx speaker he continues to deliver passionate keynote addresses around the world to engage, inspire and influence leaders and people of influence, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.

George Helou 
Chairman Perth
George is a key member of World Kindness Australia representing Australia’s seat on the International Council of the peak global body, The World Kindness Movement.  An Australian best selling author and the founder of EP7 which became a corporate member to World Kindness Australia in 2018. EP7 is a personal development coaching academy. A director of Verve Education working with FIFO staff in Western Australia dealing with the struggles and challenges of remote working remotely to address depression and suicide. EP7 stands for “Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps,” its a reinvention process helping organisations and individuals with science based empowering knowledge and tools to build self-confidence, resilience, and helps achieve happiness and purpose in relationships, career and overall wellbeing. Since 2000, George has provided over 15,000 hours of life coaching and consulting time for organisations and clients to reinvent themselves from within. His latest title, Cinderella’s Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella, is a version of the classic Cinderella fairy tale that reveals the encoded messages of how Ella experienced personal transformation and reinvented herself, by finding the humility and the courage to be kind to herself and others. Kindness and courage lay at the very foundation of George’s values and we welcome what he brings to our endeavours for a kinder world.

Dimi Lekkas
Goodwill Ambassador Media

Dimi comes to us as a professional experienced TV presenter with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Originally from South Australia, a single mother of 3 girls, Dimi joined WKA in 2012 and has been supporting us in our endeavours, whilst running her own media company 3bg Consulting and raising her family.  She is also a an executive with the international firm Solos LTD  an innovative technology company . With an impressive list of clients including peak sporting associations and national sporting teams from a variety of codes from football to basketball, Dimi maintains a low profile while raising theirs. An advocate for seeing justice in the Family Courts where too often we see the burden of compliance at cross purposes with what is best for the children, Dimi is relentless as a voice for reason to ensure the kinder option outweighs the overwhelming cost of red tape.  As a skilled consultant Dimi has reinvented Corporate Social Responsibility, where her background media and communication brings the perfect blend for making the case to the corporate sector to ensure kindness is on their agenda.

Cr Glenn Tozer
Goodwill Ambassador Gold Coast City Council
In 2012 Glenn was appointed by the Mayor, Tom Tate to be the City’s Goodwill Ambassador for the World Kindness campaign following a unanimous resolution  by the city to sign a Declaration of Support for the endeavors of World Kindness Australia. Five years later after driving the kindness campaign and ensuring the city met the KPIs Glenn drafted the presentation for the bd to have the city receive international endorsement and become the first city in the world to be officially listed as a World Kindness City. WKA presented this bid in Seoul and the international delegates were unanimous in their decision granting this prestigious endorsement for the first time to an Australian city.

In 2014 Glenn represented the Gold Coast at the World Kindness Movement’s 8th General Assembly presenting the cities kindness initiatives to the international community having launched Gold Coast City Council co branded World Kindness Cards and presenting Cool To Be Kind Awards to individuals, schools, business and community groups.  Working with community groups and City colleagues to see the Gold Coast realise its full potential to receive listing as a “World Kindness City” making it a premier destination for businesses, students and tourists while remaining the ideal place to raise a family.  As a father of three sons, Cr Tozer aims to build on the legacy of pioneering families who have created a strong community spirit in Mudgeeraba and the Hinterland, and to encourage this spirit among the many new families in the area.

With 15 years corporate experience with companies including Rydges Hotels, Fairfax Ltd and Sensis, Juice Media Limited, (Juice 107.3FM) Glenn is well-equipped to deliver for the division and city, working on key infrastructure projects, enabling community groups to be more effective, and protecting World Heritage listed natural areas.  All of these roles gave him an important insight into the opportunities and challenges of running a small business.

Dr. Catherine Crock AM

Goodwill Ambassador Health Care(Melbourne)

Dr. Catherine Crock is a medical pioneer, producer of music and theatrics, humanitarian, mother and advocate for change. In 2017 Catherine convened “The Gathering Of Kindness” the worlds largest Kkndness health care event over 4 days with 400 hundred health care professionals.  A Physician at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Catherine has successfully implemented a raft of positive changes to healthcare in the areas of organisational culture, services and patient/family support. She is the Chair and Founder of The Hush Foundation, a registered charity organisation working to transform healthcare by improving partnerships, culture and the environment to support health and wellbeing. Hush, in collaboration with some of Australia’s finest musical talent, has commissioned 15 albums of music specifically for application within healthcare. Working in collaboration with renowned playwright Alan Hopgood, theatrical plays “Hear Me” and “Do You Know Me” have also been created. These productions have been performed in hospitals and Aged Care settings across Australia more than 100 times, to raise awareness of patient centered care, communication and patient safety issues and to encourage a shift in the culture of healthcare. An influencer in the areas of medical innovation and the Arts, Catherine is also an acclaimed key note speaker based in Melbourne, Australia.

Chris McFadden
Goodwill Ambassador (Business)

Chris is above all a husband to his wife Toula and a father to two young ladies who are now beginning to make their own way in the world, so Chris is always looking for anything he can do to help make that world a kinder place. Professionally, Chris is a long-time Chief Financial Officer across a number of significant corporations and now serves as both CFO and Executive Director for the ASX listed Ashley Services Group, an organisation providing employment to over 5,000 workers who they on-hire to their customers to service their labour hire needs. With many years in the corporate world, Chris has seen a lot and while there are plenty of good and kind people, in his view, we could always look to increase the balance. Encouraging a kindness first mentality among corporates would be a great step in this regard and for our community as a whole and Chris is a strong supporter of encouraging corporates to implement a kinder culture in their businesses. Chris is also passionate about helping those who may have temporarily fallen out of their corporate roles and who are facing the challenge of uncertainty and unemployment. These people are for the most part husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and their uncertainty has an impact on their families. Chris has seen cases where former colleagues have almost dropped out of circulation during this period, which can have negative consequences for the individual and their family. The support networks out there for these people are limited and Chris endeavours to make himself available, provide a sounding board and lend a hand where possible to connect people going through a difficult period with his network.

Craig Spence
Founding Director (2011-2018)
Craig Spence is a loving father and was our first choice to take on the role as Captain Kindness and wears the super hero costume with a sense of pride and bravado that no one else could do.  Craig was invited to join the board in May 2011 and despite a number of challenges is committed to building and strengthening WKA and its presence across the nation.  He is our liaison for the Waterline Challenge and is passionate about father’s rights. He is currently the Sponsorship Liaison for Australian Country Waterpolo Association. Upon graduating Craig joined the Australian Army serving 6 years and amongst other duties trained the elite SAS commandos on health and fitness. It was during this time he witnessed first hand a culture which struggled to be the best it could be which reminded him of his childhood where he was severely bullied at school. As a result Craig was instinctively drawn to the core values of kindness to address cultures of exclusion and bullying . Visit Craig’s video commentary on all things Kindness. 1) Impact of Kindness   2) Are People Kind 3)  Capatain Kindness 4) World Kindness Day 5) The Kindness Benefit

Also see WKA’s  Kindness Performance Indicators and  the Kindness Clause  for all organisations.

Katrina Cavanough
Goodwill Ambassador (Wollongong)

Katrina  is the CEO (Chief empathy Officer) and Founder of Kindness On Purpose with over 22 years experience, as a management coach and clinical consultant in her field. She is an accredited mental health care social worker with MAASW BSWBSocSc .She is the CEO and Founder of Kindness On Purpose (KOP). Kindness On Purpose is an empathy based program that increases social emotional skills and decreases bullying and increases emotional literacy and learning outcomes.  She is a published author and has contributed to Simple Reminders – inspiration for living your best life with Bryant McGill; which became a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. Katrina’s relaxation meditations for children from the Kindness On Purpose program are featured on the BBDH channel on Virgin airlines In flight entertainment and her Meditation CD for children – Happy Little Hearts is distributed internationally. Katrina has been featured on national TV, national and international radio (SeriusXM, Hay House Radio, Voice America, OM Times Radio, 2DayFM’s, MIX106.5FM) as well as in various print and online media. 
When asked Why join World Kindness Australia? Katrina replied, “I view all organisations that are authentically working to increase kindness in our every day lives, relationships, workspaces, schools and communities as working together; even if they perceived themselves to be separate entities. WKA provides an opportunity to work colaborativey with other individuals, community’s, and corporates who have shared values around kindness, empathy, compassion. And that is refreshing.” 

Murray Jones
Goodwill Ambassador Brisbane
Author, Director and Founder of The Big Ideas Group

Murray is the director and founder of the Big Ideas Group (B.I.G) which joined World Kindness Australia in 2017 as a Corporate Member. Big Ideas Group is a creative communications company, that specialises in property sales and marketing. It was founded and has been directed by Murray for over ten years.

Murray is also a father and author of a book, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORLD RUNS OUT OF MONEY  The book provides a clever tool designed to generate more kindness in the world. The only way to receive a copy of the book is by making a kind pledge to do something for someone else. Murray has is well respected within his trusted circles of business and media friends. It is here he sees his involvement encouraging the business community to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world. Murray is a quiet achiever and we are very grateful to have Murray supporting the campaign and being a member of  World Kindness Australia.


Joe Williams
Goodwill Ambassador (Country NSW)

FounderThe Enemy Within – Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Wellbeing Education  

Joe Williams is a Wiradjuri, 1st Nations Aboriginal man born in Cowra, raised in Wagga NSW having lived a 15 year span as a professional sports person. Joe played in the National Rugby League for South Sydney Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers and Canterbury Bulldogs before switching to professional Boxing in 2009. As a boxer Joe was a 2x WBF World Jnr Welterweight champion and also won the WBC Asia Continental Title.Although forging a successful professional sporting career, Joe battled the majority of his life with suicidal ideation and Bi Polar Disorder. After a suicide attempt in 2012, Joe felt his purpose was to help people who struggle with mental illness. Joe is also an author having contributed to the book Transformation; Turning Tragedy Into Triumph & his very own autobiography titled Defying The Enemy Within – which will be out January 2018. Joe was recently named as a finalist for the courage award in the 2017 National Indigenous Human Rights Awards and was the recipient of the 2016 Wagga Wagga Australia Day Citizen of The Year Award for his work in the community in Mental Health Education & Suicide Prevention.

Dr Karen Phillip
Goodwill Ambassador (Central Coast NSW)
Dr Karen Phillip is a Counselling Psychotherapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist and the Parenting and Relationship Expert on television, radio and print media both here and overseas. She is an International Author and Key Note Speaker. Using effective Counselling modalities, combined with proven Hypnotherapy techniques, results are fast and long term. Karen joined World Kindness Australia identifying with the shared cored values of positive relationships and the important role kindness plays. Dr Phillip guidance assists many to gain clarity and direction, stop many addictive behaviours quickly, reduce stress and anxiety levels that lead to depression which affects so many. Karen brings an amazing energy to the team and is a very active Goodwill Ambassador walking the talk inspiring many to place kindness on the agenda and always “Seek the Kinder Option.”

Kate Seselja
Goodwill Ambassador ACT
Courageous, Kind and Inspiring are the words that come to mind when you meet this amazing mother of six from Canberra. Kate approached us with an idea and within a short period of time was embarking into uncharted waters of the Not For Profit sector. Inspired by her own journey through the world of gaming and poker machine addiction, Kate came through a nine year battle as a shining light to guide others to safe shores. Not only has she kept her family together during these difficult times she was the lifeline to her husband suffering depression. In 2016 Kate was a finalist for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year (NFP) and was part of the Australian delegation to travel to the USA with the our Chairman to present a letter of acknowledgement from the City of Gold Coast to the City of Anaheim which are both incorporating kindness initiatives within their communities.  Kate launched HOPE Project and became our ACT Goodwill Ambassador in 2016 and is already making a difference introducing and connecting people to place kindness on their agenda and is certainly an agent for positive change.