• First kindness event launched at Double Bay Public School with 3000 attendees November 2009
  • World Kindness Week Placed on NSW School Calendar for 2,300 schools 2010
  • 400 New South Wales public schools engaged in Kindness Campaigns and events within first 6 mths 2010
  • Campaign and events recognised by Peak Global Body, The World Kindness Movement ahaving hosted their 6th General Assembly in Sydney  with support from the department of Education and Training and NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Association 2010
  • May 09 World Kindness Australia registered as a Not for Profit.
  • Received endorsement from Federal Minister School Education, The Honourable Peter Garrett 2011
  • Received Vice Regal Endorsement from NSW Governor Her Excellency, Professor Dame Marie Bashir 2012
  • THE BIG HUG held on Bondi Beach, Sydney, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Qld and Parramatta in 2009 / 2010 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014
  • Participated in Global Flash Mob simultaneous in 33 cities around the world. 2012 / 2013 / 2014
  • World Kindness Australia elected at London 8th General Assembly as global secretariat. 2012
  • Chanel Seven Weekend Sunrise joins campaign with Samantha Armatage signing agreement to become a Goodwill Ambassador. 2012
  • World Kindness Day special event hosted at Government House by Her Excellency Marie Bashir presenting Cities and Syndy University with their certificates of Membership 2012
  • Lettters of Support received from State and Federal Ministers of Government. The Hon Gabriella Upton, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull 2013
  • Letter of Support received from Australian Prime Minister The Hon Kevein Rudd. 2013
  • Delivered the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull’s Message of Support for launch of World Kindness China of the World Kindness Movement 2014
  • Chaired the International Council Meeting of The World Kindness Movement convened in China and oversaw the launch of World Kindness China joining The Global Body as an official Member in 2013.
  • Sydney University Sports Scholarship granted for World Kindness Australia. 2013
  • Councils presiding over 1.8 million residents Declare Support for our endeavours resolving motions unanimously. 2011-2014 Councils Woollahra, Waverly, Randwick, Sutherland, City of Sydney NSW, City of Gold Coast Qld, Logan Qld. 2012-2014
  • Hosted 8th General Assembly of The World Kindness Movement in Sydney 2014
  • Received Letter of Support from Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore and NSW State Premier The Hon Michael Baird 2014
  • Received Letter of Support from Australian Commissioner of Human Rights, Tim Wilson. 2014
  • Chaired The International Council Meeting in Paris 2015 and oversaw the launch of World Kindness France joining The World Kindness Movement as an official Member in 2015
  • NSW Chamber of Commerce joins World Kindness Australia and launches first statewide corporate Kindness Index. 2016
  • Chaired The International Council Meeting in Kuala Lumpur  and oversaw Kindness Malaysia joining The World Kindness Movement as an official Member in 2016
  • Organised with M.A.T.T.E.S 1st “Fashion Without Difference” parade for those living with disability at Castle Towers Shopping Centre. Young adults livinging with disability were invited to be models on the catwalk. Working with professional models they showcased the centers retailer labels to the delight of shoppers, families and friends who too often see labels of difference being applied. A highlight of the year. 2016
  • WKA “Kindness Performance Indicators” program in the national workplace runner up for the Healthier Workplace Award presented at No More Harm National Conference STAAR Awards 2017.
  • Chaired 9th General Assembly Seoul Korea for the World Kindness Movement 20th Anniversary 2017
  • Delivered the Australian Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull’s Message of Support in Seoul for the 20th Anniversary of the World Kindness Movement. 2017
  • Successfully presented the City of Gold Coast’s bid to be officially listed as a World Kindness City 2017
  • Drafted and introduced The Kindness Clause Article 28 to be adopted into the constitution of The World Kindness Movement. 2017
  • Our Chairman, Michael Lloyd-White receives prestigious Presidents International Acheivement Award from The World Kindness Movement. for performing duties as Secretary General from 2012 to 2017. 2017


Jan  A powerful interview from Jesse Johnson in Portland Oragan who spends time exploring the strategies and thinking behind a seasoned kindness campaigner, immediate past Secretary General to World Kindness and our Chairman, Mr Michael Lloyd-White. Jesse asks, “if provided the opportunity, what would you say to President Trump?” https://www.stitcher.com/…/supergiverswithjess…/e/52795058
February 1st Feel Good Feb Acts of Kindness – Linda Pang engaging schools and businesses all over the country as this campaign continues to grow with pubs in Brisbane selling Feel Good Feb Water.

Feb  We had the pleasure to meet and welcome Chris McFadden, CFO Executive Director at Ashley Services, to World Kindness Australia as our newest member and Goodwill Ambassador Northern Beaches. Chris’s wife Toula is a school teacher on Sydney’s northern beaches and we welcome them both to a growing network of goodwill.

2nd March Our Chairman caught up with Ms Karen Sabarre to discuss collaborating on an ambitious project in the NSW Hunter region and in the Philippines. Its great to know what people are doing to make our world a little kinder.

March 15 Janette Thomas a founding supporter of World Kindness Australia with Lord Mayor of Wollongong presenting a City of Gold Coast Kindness Card following the introduction to our Chairman, Mr Michael Lloyd-White to discuss the City joining the campaign for a kinder world. April Visit with Lord Mayor of Wollongong to discuss the city joining the campaign for a kinder world.

April 30th Kindness made a splashdown in Perth this week with the Health Care system taking note of the important role kindness plays but too often may get lost in the haze of jargon, compliance, time critical and stressful environments. This state patient advocacy group WA Health Consumers Council had kindness as this years theme and included a host of guest speakers in this space placing kindness on the agenda. See address to health care professionals by our Chairman Michael Lloyd–White https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155631661549397&id=531339396

May Model Mates has 2nd Fashion Without Difference for those living with disability at East Gardens Shopping Centre. Models livinging with disability showcased the centers retailer labels to the delight of shoppers, families and friends who too often see labels of difference being applied.

May Perth Edith Cowan University seized the opportunity for a spontaneous candid interview with WKA Chair and founder Mr Michael Lloyd-White and Perth Goodwill Ambassador, Ms Sarah Strong who gave a condensed overview of the challenges to and solutions for kindness, in a world which has become all about self. If you only have limited time, this interview hits the highlights and will peak your interest.

May Our Chairman addresses the Gathering of Kindness In Perth hosted by St Margarets Hospital and Rosie Keeley with Dr Catherine Crock who made a courageous effort to attend with her father’s passing.
WKA Chairman finally meets in person with the Lord Mayor of Perth Lisa Scaffidi and a friendship is formed that will see them become colleagues in kindness.
Perth hosts 1st Conversation In Kindness chaired by our Goodwill Ambassador Sarah Strong & Mr George Helou. Mr George Helou and Sarah Strong appointed as Goodwill Ambassadors in Perth.
World Kindness Australia appoints a new representive to the World Kindness Movement’s International Council, Mr George Helou. Congratulations received from all around the world as well as at home.

4th of May Michael Lloyd-White arrives in Adelaide to address international delegates at the Variety International Conference and facilitate the Signing Ceremony as they become the first Founding Community Members of World Kindness USA.

June 1st World Kindness Australia Chairman start first leg of 2018 US Kindness Tour to support the formation of World Kindness USA

June 16 Our Chairman returns to Australia from Denver after a 29hr flight arriving in Perth 2hrs prior to the event to receive this prestigious acknowledgement as the 2018 Most Inspiring Man Award at Men In Black Ball.

Barbara McNaught, host of FOX “Hello Darlink” interviews Michael Lloyd-White on his award and Momentum Events becomes an official member and Barbara becomes a Goodwill Ambassador.

June 20 Michael returns to the USA for second leg of 2018 Kindness tour to launch World Kindness USA and covers many cities and TV radio and press interviews. With the support of Salisbury MD Los Angeles CA Annapolis, Laguna Beach CA, Long Beach, Guilford District Schools and many businesses including Thunder Studios the launch is set and invitations go out across the world.

July Conversations in Kindness hosted in Perth by EP7 founder and newly appointed Goodwill Ambassador Mr George Helou.

July 26 Australia is well represented at the launch of World Kindness USA with Lord Mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi, Our Chairman, Mr Michael Lloyd-White who MCs the international panel and delivers the keynote and gracious host Australian Ex PatsRodric David, CEO & founder of Thunder Studios in Long Beach California and Mr David Small Interenational Executive Director of Variety International.

August we welcome newest members and Goodwill Ambassadors to World Kindness Australia from Perth WA Ms Jennifer Ngyuen and from Newcastle NSW Ms Karen Sabarre. First time “Kindness” has been a theme of a international beauty pageant. Our Chairman was invited to be a special guest judge at Ms International Australia pageant. These are the Australian finalists who will become Emissaries of Kindness and Goodwill Ambassadors. Armed with World Kindness Cards travelling the world. Influencing industries which are too often not kind. The plan is to launch a non-gender event for “Beautiful People” with the entire theme on kindness. Health and well-being. Active wear replaces swimwear, healthy mind body spirit. Questions relate to Kindness and what they have been actively doing to promote kindness.

August Our Chairman, Michael Lloyd-White receives prestigious Momentum Men In Black Most Inspiring Man 2018 Award for Mens Mental Health. 

October Gathering of Kindness (GOK) hosts its 3rd annual event in Melbourne Victoria with Dr Catherine Crock, promoting the benefits of kindness to the health care sector.

November 11 Mr Julian Day and our Craig Spence, (AKA Captain Kindness) launch the Waterline Challenge for World Kindness Week at Sydney Town Hall with the City of Sydney’s Goodwill Ambassador, Cr Christine Forster.

January Perth Hosts Goodwill Ambassador gathering with Mr George Helou.

March Presented to Sisters of Mercy Parramatta anual event to engage Western Sydney in the campaign for a kinder world for the 130th anniversary.