Chairman | Founding Director

Michael Lloyd-White

Michael brings a unique experience to the table as a strategic leader able to motivate and inspire people to not only to consider new ideas and concepts, but to embrace them, thereby becoming a catalyst for change. He has an inclusive and collaborative management style, which supports his colleagues to contribute and thereby develops a fertile culture of inspired thinking outside the square.

Michael embraced the African adage that "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child" to identify with parents, community leaders and businesses, inspiring them into action . Taking responsibility for his role in the village, he rallied the goodwill of many into a simple campaign launched at one school which became the "Game Changer" for a community in need which expanded accross the state education system within 12 months.

World Kindness Week's Goodwill Ambassador Campaign received endorsement from Her Excellency, the Governor of NSW, Professor Marie Bashir,  placed on the NSW School Calendar and received international recognition from the global 20 nation member peak body, all within the first year. Michael has now taken his passion, commitment and never say die approach, to the global stage, linking a network of 20 nation's campaigns through the World Kindness Movement, Australia now contributes to global initiatives making the world a little kinder.


Vice Chairman | Founding Director

Tom Gibbons

With an extensive corporate background in senior executive roles leading multi national PLCs Tom is no stranger to working on the international stage. Currently National General Manager of Spotless with 30,000 staff Tom knows the challenges of working within a diverse cultural community. A background in the defence force and father, Tom takes his responsibilities seriously. When asked  why he felt so passionate Tom was quoted,

“For us it was because it struck accord with our own organisations philosophy. We also have in excess of 30,000 employees within Australia, many who have families and children who go to school and may have to face the same issues and challenges regrading bullying.”

With an extensive corporate network, Tom recognises the potential that kindness can make within the corporate sector as well as the community. His calm logical approach to the immense challenges at hand and inspiring leadership, is an asset WKA relies upon to oversee its expansion as it opens branches in all states and develops partner programs within the private sector.

Secretary | Founding Director

Craig Spence

Craig Spence plays an key role in World Kindness Australia; he is committed to building and strengthening WKA and its presence across the Australian community as well as within our schools through his extensive sporting and corporate network.

Even with Craig’s wide range of interests and commitments ((incuding his alter ego as Captain Kindness) he somehow manages to find the time within his hectic schedule to invest in making a difference to a community through WKA. Craig’s network and expertise in the corporate arena is a great asset to the expansion of the WKA  in the corporate community.

Currently Craig holds the position of Strategic Partnership Manager for Bupa Australia (MBF) and sits on the Board of Australian Country Waterpolo Association as Vice President.

Craig spent 7 years in the Australian Army and expereienced first hand during his school years an enviroment where bullying was common place and knows all too well how important WKA is in creating a happier, kinder world where one day when the time comes, his children will have the benefits of a safe and happy learning environment .

Founding Director

Sharryn Brownlee

Sharryn is the go to person for so many, from a parent in distress to a politician seeking advice on policy she is a lady in demand as she is across most current and topical issues of the day. As a result Sharryn has accepted many roles offered to her over the last 15 years which include but not limited to, Chairperson at Youth Connections | A current member of the Casino Liquor Gaming Control Authority | Chair for the Responsible Gaming Fund Grants Committee |The current Ministerial appointee on the Newcastle University Council | Local, State and Federal Parent & Citizen roles including past State President , State Treasurer and State Publicity Officer of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations NSW. | Small business owner for the last 22 years . 

Sharryn has a broad network of colleagues in Media, Government, the Department of Education and Community built up over many years enhancing the future directions of the WKA. From working with, and supporting young people and their families, as well as time spent on various Campus boards, Sharryn has had the opportunity to engage with many members of many communities. She is aware of the issues as well as opportunities our children have and works closely with State and Federal bureaucracies  to bring about change. She identified the potential of contributing to World Kindness Australia as a Founding Director as another string to her bow to bring about the desired outcomes sought by so many.

Founding Director

David Hope

David has an extensive career as a foremost engineering consultant to the water industry having held senior roles with Sydney Water. In addittion he holds a position on the Board of Studies and maintains an Office Bearer role on the NSW Federation of Parent and Citizens Associations as Metropolitan Vice President. David is also the Regional President for North Sydney Regional P&C providing platforms for robust discussion on policy and school issues for parents from over 200 schools. Always cool calm and collected and rarely rattled, David does have a commitment for doing what is right and his sagely advice is often sought at times when others may lose their way.

A father of adult children, David has seen all the stages of a child’s journey through our education system and he has maintained an active role as a participating parent every step of the way. An honest and caring man who keeps us grounded, focused on achievable realistic outcomes but open to the possibility of "The Impossible Dream". David was more than willing to step on board with WKA knowing that our children's well being and safety are more important  to a parent than school halls, laptops, text books or test results. Like David, WKA recognises the core issues of community culture need to be addressed as a priority and not overlooked by being distracted by promises of better schools through more classrooms or computers and whiteboards. After all a good teacher can teach under a tree, and often does.


Peter Cavanaugh

Councillor Peter Cavanagh is the Paddington Ward Councillor on Woollahra Council and is currently the Deputy Mayor for the second year. Peter is a Chartered Accountant in private practice, living and working in his Ward. In addition, he is also involved in a large number of other social and community organisations within the Municipality and the wider community. These include board positions with, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy (Deputy National Convenor); President of the Royal Society of St. George and The International Monarchist League in Australia Ltd; Treasurer of the English Speaking Union (NSW) and the Commonwealth Day Council NSW Branch; President of the Paddington Branch of the Liberal Party.   Peter represents a large diverse and complex community with complex issues whilst always maintaining a balanced and considered approach.

His extensive knowledge of local and state government processes is only exceeded by his network on both sides of politics. Kindness is indeed the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear and Peter ensures that kindness is kept on the agenda in our corridors of government enabling bi partisanship so this campaign can flourish.

When asked, Why take on another responsibility in an already busy diary?, Peter Replied, " Kindness is where it all begins, if we don't make time for that then, what do we make time for?"


Miriam Guttman-Jones

,” I am proud to be a Goodwill Ambassador for World Kindness Week and that Waverley Council supports this campaign and THE BIG HUG on Bondi Beach. In this world of negativity it is uplifting to see a movement with a positive message. If we instil at an early age that bullying is NOT COOL and that acts of kindness ARE IN then we have hope for the future. We must understand that it is kindness and compassion that defines our humanity, while hate and anger only take us to a darker place.”

Councillor Miriam Guttman-Jones has over 20 years experience working within the health industry and within her role as Deputy Mayor of Waverley Council, Miriam is challenged every day to inspire Kindness within the community. She was the first Goodwill Ambassador appointed from local Government and is also founder of a international Human Rights NGO "Forcefield" which supports political prisoners and individuals under persecution due to political beliefs. WKA fits well within her portfolio and she amazes us all with the amount of energy she provides to do so much good. Her drive, integrity and wisdom sees her as someone who can be trusted but most importantly be fair and stand up and speak out where there may be an injustice, regardless of the consequence. WKA is extremely grateful for Miriam's contribution and her courage to be kind.



 Dr. Sharp has three degrees in psychology (including a Ph.D.) and an impressive record as an academic, clinician and coach. He runs one of Sydney's largest clinical psychology practices, a highly regarded Executive Coaching practice, and is the founder & CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of The Happiness Institute, Australia's first organisation devoted solely to enhancing happiness in individuals, families and organisations.

He's taught at all the major universities in NSW and is currently an Adjunct Professor (in Positive Psychology) within the School of Management, Faculty of Business at UTS and also an Adjunct Professor (Positive Psychology) within the School of Health Sciences at RMIT University. His primary area of interest is enhancing happiness at work but he's also actively involved in consulting and research projects in the areas of leadership, resilience, recruitment and positive education.

In 2008 Dr. Sharp's achievements were recognised by the Australian Davos Connection when he received a Future Leadership Award. Dr. Sharp is also a best selling author (of, among other things, "The Happiness Handbook", "100 Ways to Happiness: a guide for busy people" and most recently, "100 Ways to Happy Children: a guide for busy parents"), a sought after public speaker, and as a result of his frequent appearances in the local and international media he's been read and heard by millions of people and now us.(


Eva is an influential Australian feminist and was our key note speaker at the 6th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement in Sydney 2010 where where her speech was embraced by the international delegates. She was born Eva Hauser in Vienna in 1938, and was soon declared stateless by Hitler so grew up as a refugee in England, till 1946, Italy and then Australia from age 10.

She remembers being cross in Kindergarten that boys were offered drums, and girls the tambourine or triangle. All these early experiences primed her political activism and made her an irrepressible advocate for making societies fairer.  She is an unabashed feminist and passionately promotes inclusive, diverse and equitable ways of living together. Her 1996 book Leading Women explained why women who made a difference were usually labelled as difficult, a label she wears.

Eva was the ABC Boyer Lecturer (1995) on making societies more civil. She has been an academic, political adviser, public servant, and runs a small research and policy consultancy. A sociologist by trade, she promotes ideas widely and eclectically in books, on line, in journals and other media.  Eva has been recognised in various ways: Australian Humanist of the Year, a Distinguished Alumnus at UNSW and an Edna Grand Stirrer award. She also stirs through being a Fellow of the Centre for Policy Development and as a Research Fellow at Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning (UTS).  She was recently honoured by being picked for a postage stamp as an Australian legend. As one who truly understands the courage of kindness, we are extremely grateful Eva has offered her support and guidance to continue the journey she started many years ago when the world was a little colder and a little less fair.

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