It’s time to lead by example and revive the school and community spirit as we search for the ideal ambassadors in each class who contribute to creating a culture of Kindness.

Yes the search is on for people that make a difference to your day with a simple smile or hello, an offer of a helping hand when your hands are full, or an invitation to join in rather than leave you standing alone. It maybe a friend or someone who you thought did not even know your name, it can be anyone whose nature does nothing other than have a positive impact on an individual, group or situation. 

To nominate or be nominated, that is the question, you may not have a choice as all it takes is someone to recognise you as the person who will best represent the school and or community spirit and perhaps selected to be a guest at the 2013 7th World Kindness Movements General Assembly in Japan and help celebrate 50 years of kindness. 

The award will recognise those for recognising the needs of others and supporting an environment that allows all to participate without judgment, discrimination, regardless of class, creed or colour. 
  Finalist will be announced and invited to attend the Cool To Be Kind Dinner in Sydney on the 5th Of Novemebr at The Westin to receive awards from our VIP guest presenter from the World Kindness Movement, the Department of Education (DEC,) Local, State and Federal Government MPs.
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