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 ”It takes a village to raise a child”

It costs nothing to be kind. As a Goodwill Ambassador, you will be undertaking to support the ongoing kindness campaign.  It’s about engaging the whole village to create a better environment within the greater community by promoting the good work that is being done in all sectors of the “Village”.

We greatly appreciate the time you place in promoting a kinder world for all of us. We are honoured to have you represent our great cause.

WKA is committed to ensuring your commitment will be promoted to showcase your community and social responsibility. How much you choose to get involved is up to you.

This is a great start!


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There are hundreds of initiatives where the Kindness Card presents opportunity for our members and partners.
• Fundraising;
• Employee Engagement;
• Corporate Social Responsibility;
• Promoting your Kindness brand to customers.
Each Kindness card has a unique number that will track its journey around the globe collecting miles and smiles.

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