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W O R L D  K I N D N E S S

World Kindness Week is celebrated around the World from the 7th November to the official World Kindness Day on the 13th November.

The idea behind this started with the 20 nation member World Kindness Movement (WKM) which crystallised at a conference in Tokyo in 1997 when the Small Kindness Movement of Japan brought together like-minded kindness movements from around the world. The WKM was officially launched in Singapore on 18 November 2000 at the 3rd WKM Conference.

The mission of the WKM is to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world.

The current members of the movement are 20 kindness organisations with representatives from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Dubai, France, India, Italy, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Scotland, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and the USA.

W O R L D  K I N D N E S S

World Kindness Australia Ltd was founded after the success of a simple campaign promoted to schools to challenge Bullying. In its first year it gained international recognition from the peak global body, the 20 nation member, World Kindness Movement.

As a result,
Her Excellency, The Governor of NSW has endorsed the campaign (see letter above), it was placed on the NSW School Calendar and the Secretariat of the World Kindness Movement, elected to hold their 6th General Assembly in Sydney to strategise international initiatives. This included moving the motion to have it's  Secretariat role transfered from Singapore to Australia by mid 2011 and investigate the establishing of The World Kindness Youth Movement, after  400 NSW schools participated in World Kindness Week. 

Goodwill Ambassadors from within student bodies, teachers, Executives from the Corporate sector, Senior Management within the DET, Members of Local and State Government were all elected to participate in and support Random Acts of Kindness to take some ownership of
                          "The Village Raising the Child"

All Schools Welcome to Support Their Kindness Projects
and Fly School Colours

with Bondi Rescue for THE BIG HUG on Bondi Beach

Saturday 5th November 2011 

We are celebrating the goodwill of a community engaged in positive initiatives with THE WORLD KINDNESS GALA DINNER for 2011to present the Cool To Be Kind Awards for Neighbours, Schools, Community Groups, Business, Government and of course Goodwill Ambassadors. So Don't Deliberate, Participate! Book a table for yourself and your favourite Community organisation or just a group of your favourite special people who you feel have helped make our world a little Kinder.

 to make a booking

World Kindness Week culminates in
 “THE BIG HUG” on Bondi Beach on Sunday 13th November at 10am providing free breakfast on offer for participants, its promising to be well attended. Lifeguards from Bondi Rescue and students, parents and teachers from local schools who will be literally on hand ensuring beach goers participate in a symbolic joining of hands and random hugs.
We are encouraging everyone to perform simple Random Acts of Kindness appointing Goodwill Ambassadors from the Classroom, to the Boardroom and within our corridors of Government. At times though, for a teenager, it may mean having to relinquish the safety of silence, stand up and speak out, putting at risk what they value most, their acceptance, that takes courage, the Courage to be Kind . The World Kindness Week initiative is a major campaign celebrating the students, teachers, parents and citizens, as a community in action,  acknowledging that ” It's Cool to be Kind.”   
Get involved!

Kindness Campaigns supported by:    

Her Excellency, The Governor of NSW, Professor Marie Bashir  - The Department of Education and Training NSW  -  Bryce Courtenay Author Power of One -  Former Minister of Education and Training NSW, Hon Verity Firth - FormerParliamentary Secretary Education & Training NSW, David Harris  - FormerDirector General Education & Training NSW, Michael Coutts - Trotter - Penny Sharpe, Former Parliamentary Secretary Social Inclusion - The Federation of Parents and Citizens’ Associations of NSW   - NSW PARENTS COUNCIL - World Kindness Movement  - Woollahra Council - Waverley Council - Dubbo Council - Emergency Architects Australia - Rose Bay Secondary College -  Rose Bay Public School - Waverley Public School - Coogee Public School - Kingswood Public School - Gosford Public School  - Woy Woy Public School -  Grafton Public School - Woollahra Public School- 200 Schools in Western Region NSW - Eva Cox - Ron Barr Founder Youth Insearch -Phrapalad Sudham, The President of the Australian Federation of Buddhists - Spotless - 8 Hotels - The Gen Team   Wentworth Courier -
Wildlight Photography - Australian Professional Organisation of
Lifeguards Association - DOYLES RESTAURANTS -
Central Coast Council of Parents and Citizens Associations - Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club - The Happiness Institute

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