1.     Smiling and nod and say hello at passers by on your walk.
2.      Pay compliments  remembering to be politically correct.
3.      Sending a card or letter or email to a friend or relative you haven’t been in contact with for some time.
4.      Visit a retirement centre once a month and taking magazines, spend 20 minutes having a chat, bring flowers, and other small gifts.
5.      Visiting a children’s ward at a hospital and hand out toys.
6.      Help someone find a job or a home.
7.      Remind people, politely, they are gossiping and offer the opportunity to speak directly with the person they are talking about.
8.      Dropping coins in a parking metres about to expire and leave a kindness card.
9.      Take up the cause for an underprivileged group in your area with the local, state, or federal government.
10.  Return a stray dog to its owner.
11.  Get your IT department to host a page dedicated to the Kindness Campaign.
12.   Start a newsletter collect kindness stories.
13.  Get a group of “Kindness Commandos" to commit random acts of kindness to strangers in their lunch break, video and set it up on the companies, internet or You-tube.
14.  Hand out kindness badges,CARDS or T shirts.
15.  Choose to forgive someone you were angry or disappointed with.
16.   Rehears the Kindness anthem with friends (Put a little Love in your heart”) and sing it to a co worker to cheer them up.
17.  Hand out your own kindness cards.
18.  Create and Submit Kindness slogan for your company.
19.  Donate books to a orphanage.
20.  Donate blood to the Red Cross Blood Bank.
21.   Bring some flowers to work.
22.  Call a charity and volunteer some time.
23.  Advertise a different Kindness slogan in the local paper every week for a month, ask your company to sponsor anonymously. (ensure it has worldkindnessaustralia.org)
24. Sponsor a child family or village through a charity.
25.  Have a mini 1 hour cleanup of a park or beach with friends .
26.  Offer a pet shelter your time.
27.  Adopt a stray dog from death row… remember not to lose him.
28.  Offer to babysit for a family member or friend.
29.  Help someone with their home work.
30.  Share your lunch with someone who does not have any.
31.  Keep someone company who may be on their own .
32.  Ask someone new to join your friends in a game.
33.  Stop someone from getting bullied.
34.   Get your class to paint a wall of kindness slogans.
35.  Ask your teacher to invite someone from a charity to talk about their work they do.
36.  Get your class to make get well cards for sick children.
37.  Organise a fundraiser.
38.  Buy lunch for the homeless.
39.  Hand in your old clothes to the poor.
40.  Start a health campaign at work and get sponsored to lose weight and donate to famine relief.
41.  Give up smoking and donate the money you would otherwise spend on cigarettes to a cancer foundation.
42.   Go to businesses for Gift Certificates for your local school.
43.  Be Kind to the environment – Recycle glass, boxes, old mobile phones and print cartridges.
44.  Valentine’s Day buy a single rose for all the single ladies/ in the office.
45.  Offer help someone with their bags.
46.  Open a door for someone.
47.  Call your partner and tell them you were thinking of them and love them.
48.  Offer to take someone’s dog for a walk…. and bring it back.
49.  Don’t offer, just wash up after dinner, vacuum the floor, dust the cupboards, wash the dog.
50.  In a group write 10 things you like about each other.


Random Acts of Kindness Week
2011: February 15-21

World Kindness Day
2011: November 13

World Kindness Week
2010: November 7-13

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