Let’s Get this Party Started

Coinciding with the Federations of the Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW resolution to support World Kindness Week and its call to regional P&Cs to nominate Goodwill Ambassadors, November’s 2009 World Kindness Week got off to a head start with the Mayor of Woollahra, Mr. Andrew Petrie, officially opening Double Bay Public School’s first Fete in 7 years. Aunty Fey, an elder from the Cadigal people and Eora Nation was in attendance to graciously receive, ‘Welcome to Country’.

To signify the day, the parents, students and guests were invited to join in the record setting hug. The principal, Andrea Garling, always up for a cuddle, was not going to miss out, along with members of the P&C, Green Peace,  Sydney Dance Company, Emergency Architects and students all led by Captain Kindness and Miss Courtesy of the ‘Kindness Superhero League’. In total, 276 happy souls joined hands in a BIG HUG for Sydney and Double Bay. Until, our superheroes got swamped by children wanting to give Captain Kindness and Commander Courtesy a little more love than they could even handle.

Messages and images of Goodwill and Kindness were displayed on a Wall of Words and during the week leading up to the event, students worked on slogans and images to celebrate kindness in the classroom.

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