To be nominated as a Goodwill Ambassador for your organisation you will be undertaking to support an ongoing kindness campaign. It is not just about promotion of one week in the year, it is not just about a slogan, it is about taking an initiative to create a better environment within our schools and the greater community. It’s about being effective, 
                                                                                                          WALKING OUR TALK
·        Ambassadors will work within their own organisations to support the World Kindness Week initiative.
·        Working with other like minded individuals on a volunteer basis Ambassadors will be directly involved in bringing about change and raising awareness to alternative positive behaviour to the Status Quo.
·        Ambassadors will be identifying existing Kindness programmes within schools or organisations that have taken the initiative either here or overseas and formulate the introduction of new ideas. 
·        Ambassadors will be addressing local communities within their area the importance of the participation in this initiative inviting people to view the website to log a kindness story and an idea.
·        Ambassadors will be inviting schools and organisations to nominate their own ambassadors to work on their own projects.
·        As a collective we will support endeavours to nominated goodwill projects whether local or international and raise awareness of the good work that gets done by the few.
·        Ambassadors will be actively involved and participate in the celebration of The World Kindness Week through festivals being run within schools and or the greater community.
·        Ambassadors will meet periodically in conjunction with but separate their own in-house committees to strategise and communicate progress as the major event unfolds.
·        Ambassadors will acknowledge individuals, students or groups through nominations for the “Cool To Be Kind Awards” encouraging others to nominate existing work and new endeavours that fall under the banner of Kindness.
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