Any organisation can join we do not exclude and its simple. Once you register your interest on the members page, nominate a Goodwill Ambassador in the same way you might nominate an OH&S Committee member or a floor Fire Warden.  An existing employee who has a naturally kind nature, is effective and is respected by their peers.

The person you would appoint would be someone who you feel makes a difference to others, with a simple smile or hello, an offer of a helping hand when their hands are full, or an invitation to join in rather than leave someone standing alone. They can be a rank and file staff member or an executive however, they stand out, they have the presence of somebody who is capable.

Your ambassador will best represent the company at functions and support goodwill initiatives contribute and make a difference. Your Ambassador will network and drive campaigns within your own organisation and be available to meet 1 hour a month with other ambassadors.

In addition to your appointment we would require a hyperlink on your website to the World Kindness Australia website where we would also post initiatives your Ambassador is spearheading within your own organisation. You may already be doing this, however by collaborating with the greater business community on kindness initiatives we are bound to have a greater impact. Be recognised for belonging, whether it’s helping people at home or abroad, the environment or saving the whales, we need to inspire the individuals within your organisation and your clients to rediscover their “Care Factor.”

Without a doubt we need your support and the exponential growth achieved through each company’s contribution in Kindness Campaigns will reach a critical mass of significant social change.

Can one individual in your firm make a difference to the culture within the business community? We think so and I am sure any HR executive who knows the starfish story would agree. See the difference inspiring people to care as a collective, makes to your own corporate culture

                                        Join the Kindness Revolution today and put your best resources behind it… your people.

K i n d n e s s
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