The OBJECTS of WORLD KINDNESS AUSTRALIA (WKA) is to inspire individuals and connects communities to create a kinder world.
The objects for which the WKA is established are:
We maintain a non-political, non-religious, cross sectoral, not for profit organisation to promote goodwill  initiatives within schools and greaater community through the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors and supporting kindness initiatives. We work both nationally and internationally to inspire all communities to collaborate through the celebration of kindness and recognise the good work of students, individuals and groups involved in these endeavours, We support this by providing a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge among people involved in the organising, promoting and participating in Kindness initiatives at local, state, national and global events such as;

·        World Kindness Week |World Kindness Day |Cool To Be Kind Awards | General Assembly | National and State Kindness Conferences

·         International World Kindness Day 13th November ; The Big Hug | The World Kindness Gala Dinner

·          Public | Private | Independent |School Goodwill initiatives and partnerships

·        Workplace Goodwill Initiatives and Events

·         Global Kindness strategies and initiatives of the 20 nation member, World Kindness Movement

(b) to provide a platform for all parents, students, teachers, citizens and organisations to participate in improving the culture within our schools and greater community;

(c) to inspire the general public, government and industry participation by raising awareness to how the culture of our community and its attitude to embracing kindness plays a key role within our schools, our workplace and the greater community to challenge bullying through the investment of positive emotional capital;

(d) to meet the evolving needs and demands of the education system  in Australia whereby Kindness is kept on the agenda, the school calendar in the classroom of  Public Private and Independent Schools through the appointment of Goodwill Ambassadors and ongoing celebrations andKindness  initiatives;

(e) to support and equip staff working within Corporate, NGO and Government sectors to incorporate and instil Kindness within their working environment;

 (f) to serve as the principal Australian link in the international World Kindness Movement and actively contribute and participate in global campaigns and strategies. This includes but is not limited to when required, take on the role of Secretariat, attend and or Host General Assemblies of the World Kindness Movement and abide by its Code of Conduct and principals.

(g) to meet the evolving cultural human resource needs and demands of corporate Australia whereby Kindness is kept on the agenda in both the staff room and the board room and is maintained as part of the corporate culture thereby challenging “bullying in the workplace” and encouraging community spirit thereby becoming an essential resource to the Occupational Health and Safety Policies.


(I)  to do all things necessary for and incidental to the advancement of those objects.


As a member, you agree to undertake the objectives of WKA and abide by the Code of Conduct to your best of your endevours by particpating in activities related to kindness within your community , organisation or company for World Kindness Week. 

Corporate Members and Sustaining Members will appoint a Goodwill Ambassador to drive, network and promote kindness intiatives within the community leading up to World Kindness Week, including nominations for the "Cool To Be Kind Awards" 
Corporate Membership | is a minimum contribution of $ 100.00 pa for small business (less than $250,000 pa) & minimum $ 500.00 pa contribution for the corportate sector,
Individual Membership  | is a minimum contribution of $  10.00 pa (Directors and Office Bearers contribute a once off $100.00 voluntry contribution in addition to annual $10 membership fee)
Sustaining Membership | is a minimum contribution of $  50.00 pa
( Sustaining members are from Governement Sector | NGOs | Not for Profit Organisations (Schools exempt)

Membership Benefits

Members will network with other WKA members and will receive publications, e.g. newsletters, etc that may produced by WKA or its members. Corporate Members will be listed on partners page with a hyperlink and can have their initiatives listed in notices and updates. They will have access to material, surveys and merchandise to use for workplace kindness initiatives. Memberss will also have access to special rates with corporate partners. MBF has provided  WKA with special members rates for Private Health Insurance. We will also be launching a World Kindness loyalty card in November which will allow members the option of forwarding any dscounts received from retail partners to a charity, school or organisation of their choice. 

Completing the Application Form

  1. The application form should be completed by an authorised person upon recieipt from the Office.
  2. A contact person should be nominated by the organisation as a Goodwill Ambassador. This person will be contact point between the World Kindness Australia and the organisation.
    The responsibilities of the Goodwill ambassador include the following:
    • Describe kindness programmes and activities in your organisation which support the objectives of the World Kindness Australia.
    • Maintain a register of all participating members in the organisation and a list of all your organisation's kindness programmes and activities.
    • Provide a brief annual progress report to the World Kindness Australia 
  3. The completed form should be returned to the  WKA Secretariat,  World Kindness Australia LIMITED, Level 5 233 New South head Rd Edgecliff Sydney NSW 2027, AUSTRALIA  
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