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World Kindness Australia is a registered Not For Profit and an executive member of the World Kindness Movement, the peak global kindness body. We served two consecutive terms as the global body’s Secretariat following a unanimous resolution by international delegates at the 9th General Assembly in London on the 3rd of September 2012. World Kindness Australia is not a governing body, it is a platform for national collaboration designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world. World Kindness Australia ’s membership base is not specifically for Kindness organisations as it seeks engagement with Cities, Government, Business, Education, NFP Community Groups, Peak Association Bodies and Individuals. Membership to World Kindness Australia is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership, rather allowing others to contribute to provide a value add to the global campaign for a kinder world. World Kindness Australia has received recognition and support from Australia’s leaders and the international community. In 2014 World Kindness Australia was internationally recognised and officially endorsed as the nations peak national kindness body and in 2017 had the honour to successfully present the Australian Prime Minister’s Message in Seoul with the City of Gold Coast’s bid to be officially listed as the world’s first World Kindness City.

Messages of Support

Prime Minister of Australia

Hon Malcolm Turnbull PM

Prime Minister of Australia

Hon Kevin Rudd PM

Our Leaders

Letters of Support
Premier NSW The Hon Mike Baird  2014
Prime Minsiter Malcolm Turnbull   2013 & 2017
Prime Minister The Hon Kevin Rudd  2013
Her Excellency Professor Dame Marie Bashir Governor NSW 2014

International Endorsement

City of Gold Coast 
Receives Oficial Listing as a World Kindness City

City of Sydney Lord Mayor

Cr Clover Moore

The Premier of NSW

The Hon Mike Baird

Her Excellency Governor of NSW

Proffessor Dame Marie Bashir

Australian Human Rights Commissioner

The Hon Tim Wilson
Things You Should Know About World Kindness Australia
  • World Kindness Australia has no Political or Religious affiliations.
  • World Kindness Australia will support the overarching endeavours of the global campaign.
  • World Kindness Australia will not seek nor accept donations or apply for grants, it will be independently funded through a sustainable business model designed to support, promote and work with the goodwill initiatives for all to create positive change.
  • World Kindness Australia does not employ staff or management, however engages a range of high calibre individuals to contribute time and organisations to participate thereby reducing overhead to a bear minimum.
  • World Kindness Australia is not a governing body, it is a platform for national collaboration designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world.
  • Membership to World Kindness Australia is not based on members receiving or expecting benefits of membership but rather providing a value add to the campaign for a kinder world.
  • In May 2011 World Kindness Australia became a registered  Not For Profit.
  • World Kindness Australia was elected as the Secretariat to the World Kindness Movement at 7th General Assembly in London in Sept 2012 where the “Kindness Torch” was passed from the Singapore Government’s Ministry of Culture, serving two terms and fulfilling the international duties as the head office until September 3rd 2017.
  • World Kindness Australia was officially and unanimously endorsed on the 13th of September 2014 as a National Peak Kindness Body by the international delegates convening in Sydney for the World Kindness Movement’s 8th General Assembly.
  • World Kindness Australia received and delivered Messages of Support from two Australian Prime Ministers our Vice Regal, State Premiers and Federal Ministers including the Lord Mayor of Sydney and numerous Declarations of Support from city councils. for more information on our journey please see link.

Michael is an agent for positive change with an extensive background in strategic planning having consulted on staffing strategies for the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Since 2011 Michael has been the Chair of the peak national body, World Kindness Australia and in 2012 at the London 7th General Assembly, became the first elected General Secretary to the prestigious peak global body, The World Kindness Movement representing 28 nations. As a strategic leader Michael not only motivates people to consider new ideas and concepts, he inspires us to embrace them, thereby becoming a catalyst for change. He supports colleagues to contribute and thereby develops a fertile culture of inspired thinking outside the square. He now give some talks about the Myths of Kindness and the Courage to be kind.

Under his stewardship, both organisations  secured Messages of Support from two Australian Prime Ministers, the Vice Regal, the Australian Commissioner for Human Rights, State & Federal Government Ministers, State Premiers, numerous local government bodies including the City of Sydney & City of Gold Coast. This achievement was acknowledged in the NSW Parliament & in Her Excellency Dame Marie Bashir 2014 Message. He secured former non member nations participation in the global campaign for a kinder world & delivered the Australian Prime Minister’s Message at the launch of World Kindness China in Hong Kong in 2013. Following chairing the 8th International Council Meeting in Paris, he met with the Minister of Prime Minister of Thailand to host the 1st World Leaders Kindness Summit in Bangkok. In 2017 he delivered a new Australian Prime Minister’s Message of Support in Seoul, & chaired the 20th Anniversary 9th General Assembly of the World Kindness Movement. Michael presented the City of Gold Coast in Australia with international endorsement as a “World Kindness City.” Since stepping down as General Secretary in Sept 2017, Michael officially accepted the challenge to be the  Chief Advisor to the Board of World Kindness USA and was recognised receiving “Most Inspiring Man of 2018 Award” at the Momentum Men In Black gala event in Perth. He continues to deliver passionate keynote addresses to engage, inspire and influence leaders and people of influence, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.
Email Chairman@worldkindnessaustralia.org 

Not For Profits

  • This page will be updated on a regular basis as we form a National Coalition of the Goodwilling choosing to unite in the spirit of true collaboration by embracing the Courage To Be Kind.  ​Please register your interest as we will be responding to all inquiries as soon as possible. organisations who have already become “Official Members” in this ambitious project include but are not limited to:

    1. NSW Parents Council
    2. NSW Business Chamber
    3. HUSH Foundation Vic
    4. Kindness on Purpose NSW
    5. The Hope Project ACT
    6. The Lightworkers Initiatve
    7. North West Disability NSW
    8. Central Coast District P&C
    9. Our Big Kitchen NSW
    10. Housekeeping Association NSW
    11. Music for Refugees NSW
    12. BNI Northern Beaches NSW
    13. KDP Advisory Services NSW
    14. The Waterline Challenge NSW
    15. Momentum Australia Perth

    To express interest please email admin@worldkindnessaustralia.org

Cities / Education Government

  • Cities / Educational Institutions and Government Departments play an important role in the global strategy for positive change and we welcome working with cities and schools to support their endeavours to meet the KPIs, (Kindness Performance Indicators) as they commence the journey to receive international endorsement and be officially listed as a World Kindness City. Cities and Schools who have joined the campaign include but are not limited to:
  • City of Sydney New South Wales
  • City Of Gold Coast Queensland
  • City of Logan  Queensland
  • Woollahra Municipal Council NSW
  • Waverly Municipal Council NSW
  • Sutherland Shire Council NSW
  • Randwick City Council NSW
  • Nth East Health Wangaratta VIC
  • Emmaus Christian School ACT
  • Sydney Womens College NSW
  • University of Sydney Sport & Fitness NSW
  • Danebank Anglican School for Girls NSW
  • Rose Bay Secondary College NSW
  • South Grafton Public School NSW
  • Callagan College NSW
  • Crestwood Public High School NSW
  • George Patterson College QLD


Business has an important role to play and is one of the greatest influences in our culture and engaging companies whether they be large public listed multi nationals or Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) or sole traders, their participation makes a difference to building the critical mass required for positive change. There is a Catch. They must be prepared to meet the Kindness Performance Indicators.  Businesses who have  become official members include but are not limited to:

  • Macchiato Cafe Sydney
  • Albert Meyer Funeral Directors
  • Cosmopolitan Cafe Double Bay
  • Big Ideas Group Brisbane
  • Theta Healing Australia
  • Tourism Gems Brisbane
  • String Words Consultancy VIC
  • Beck Melville Melbourne VIC
  • Bondi Football Acadamy NSW
  • Feel Good Feb Sydney
  • Enagic Cangen Water Perth
  • Kindness On Purpose NSW
  • EP7 Perth
  • Momentum Forum Events Perth
  • Karen Jane Productions PL NSW

The Preamble to The Declaration Of Suport

Nelson Mandela held the unshakeable belief that South Africa would see an end to Apartheid despite being imprisoned for 27 years. Abraham Lincoln held the unshakable belief that “All Men Are Created Equal” despite the threat of civil war and dissention from within his own party. The Rev Martin Luther King Had a Dream, a dream to which he gave his life to. And Ghandi believed that peaceful protest would overcome brutal injustice. They all had one thing in common, they held lofty aspirations for positive change during a time of civil conflict fuelled by fear and where kindness rarely appeared on any agenda.

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