W O R L D  K I N D N E S S
A U S T R A L I A   L I M I T E D

The World Kindness Movement was officially launched in Singapore on 18th November 2000 and 20 nations, including Australia, signed a constitution committing to inspire individuals towards greater kindness and to connect nations to create a kinder world. It recognised the need for all of us to celebrate kindness in the especially in the midst of 9/11 which had become a dark time for the world.  

In 2009 at the request of a Sydney parent concerned about bullying, one school decided to promote its school motto "Kindness and Courtesy" and celebrate World Kindness Week. That school was a little harbourside eastern suburbs Primary School, Double Bay Public School.
With the success of one event the concept led to a state wide campaign where it was resolved by the peak parent body to network and drive it's own campaign to promote World Kindness Week to 2300 NSW schools celebrating goodwill, to ensure the culture remains compassionate and supportive for our children to adopt the life skills of kindness. The success of the campaign demonstrated that you did not need money to challenge bullying , you needed the will to...goodwill. With that spirit, World Kindness Australia was formed to move the campaign forward and ensure that our children experience, the joy that being kind to others brings to a community.

Goodwill Ambassadors work with and support Not For Profit Organisations, Schools, Local, State and Federal Government and the Corporate Sector to raise awareness during World Kindness Week to the important role Kindness plays in a community and acknowledge the good work  through celebration .

 We encourage everyone to become Goodwill Ambassadors and start their own campaign.

K i n d n e s s
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